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Medal Monday: The Coldest Race of My Life

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Medal Monday post, so I wanted to apologize for my inconsistent posting schedule lately. I’ve been pretty busy since graduating college last month. I moved back to Florida permanently, bought my first car (2013 VW Beetle light blue!), had a couple mental breakdowns during my never… Continue reading Medal Monday: The Coldest Race of My Life

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Why My 6th Half Marathon Was the Best and Worst Run of My Life

Alright. It’s been two weeks, I think it’s time to talk about it. Back in April I wrote a blog post telling you guys I was training for my sixth half marathon and that Caitlyn (my running buddy) and I set our first time goal. Our fastest time for finishing a half marathon was two… Continue reading Why My 6th Half Marathon Was the Best and Worst Run of My Life

medal monday

Medal Monday: Iron Girl Half Marathon

Woo-hoo, another Medal Monday! This one's going to be a good one because we're getting into the half marathon medals, which are usually bigger and cooler. My first half marathon was the Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater, Florida. there were palm trees everywhere and everything was pink. I was thriving. The story behind this… Continue reading Medal Monday: Iron Girl Half Marathon

Half Marathons

The Superhero Half Marathon

If you told me when I was in high school, or even four years ago for that matter, that I would become obsessed with running and that I'd run a half marathon I would literally laugh in your face and call you crazy and proceed to skip gym class. I am so uncoordinated and off-balanced… Continue reading The Superhero Half Marathon


Friends That Run Together Stay Together

You know what makes half marathons, or just running in general, more fun? A little buddy to run with! This one is mine and I shouldn't call her my little buddy, she's definitely five inches taller than me. I actually prefer to call her my sole sister (get it?). Her name is Caitlyn and she's been… Continue reading Friends That Run Together Stay Together

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Don’t Fear the Training Plan!

The most confusing part of training for a half marathon for me was picking a training plan. I thought it was going to be as easy as googling "half marathon training plans" and I'd be out on the road running in no time. But to my dismay, there were a million plans that came up… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Training Plan!