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Medal Monday: Iron Girl Half Marathon

Woo-hoo, another Medal Monday! This one's going to be a good one because we're getting into the half marathon medals, which are usually bigger and cooler. My first half marathon was the Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater, Florida. there were palm trees everywhere and everything was pink. I was thriving. The story behind this… Continue reading Medal Monday: Iron Girl Half Marathon

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The Secret to Getting Started

When people think about running, or just exercising in general, they think there's some crazy and complicated formula behind getting started (myself included), mostly because they don't know how to begin. They don't want to start until they feel like they know what they're doing. More often than not, that's the reason why people quit before… Continue reading The Secret to Getting Started


5 Life Changing Lessons Running Teaches Us

When I started running two years ago, I thought I was just going to literally put one foot in front of the other until I finished my run and that would be it. I wasn't in any way prepared for the lessons I would learn through all of those miles. Running has been an incredible… Continue reading 5 Life Changing Lessons Running Teaches Us

medal monday

Medal Monday: Gasparilla

My favorite day of the week! Medal Monday. One of the best parts about running a half marathon, or any race in general, is the medal you get after crossing the finish line. The symbol of all your hard work, determination and the endless miles you've put in. I spend a significant amount of time… Continue reading Medal Monday: Gasparilla


Why Do We Struggle to Call Ourselves Runners?

Why would you tirelessly put in the effort and hard work into running consistently and deprive yourself of identifying as a runner? There are no rules to running! You don't have to be great at it to call yourself a runner. I totally get not wanting to call yourself a runner when you first start.… Continue reading Why Do We Struggle to Call Ourselves Runners?

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Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

This is a bold statement and I hope you're ready for it. I think I love my running shoes more than I love my ankle boots. How could I not? They're the key to successful training. They've put in countless miles with me and some of them have even crossed finish lines. They've carried me… Continue reading Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

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The Superhero Half Marathon

If you told me when I was in high school, or even four years ago for that matter, that I would become obsessed with running and that I'd run a half marathon I would literally laugh in your face and call you crazy and proceed to skip gym class. I am so uncoordinated and off-balanced… Continue reading The Superhero Half Marathon