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Medal Monday: Gasparilla

My favorite day of the week! Medal Monday. One of the best parts about running a half marathon, or any race in general, is the medal you get after crossing the finish line. The symbol of all your hard work, determination and the endless miles you've put in. I spend a significant amount of time… Continue reading Medal Monday: Gasparilla


Why Do We Struggle to Call Ourselves Runners?

Why would you tirelessly put in the effort and hard work into running consistently and deprive yourself of identifying as a runner? There are no rules to running! You don't have to be great at it to call yourself a runner. I totally get not wanting to call yourself a runner when you first start.… Continue reading Why Do We Struggle to Call Ourselves Runners?

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Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

This is a bold statement and I hope you're ready for it. I think I love my running shoes more than I love my ankle boots. How could I not? They're the key to successful training. They've put in countless miles with me and some of them have even crossed finish lines. They've carried me… Continue reading Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

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The Superhero Half Marathon

If you told me when I was in high school, or even four years ago for that matter, that I would become obsessed with running and that I'd run a half marathon I would literally laugh in your face and call you crazy and proceed to skip gym class. I am so uncoordinated and off-balanced… Continue reading The Superhero Half Marathon


Friends That Run Together Stay Together

You know what makes half marathons, or just running in general, more fun? A little buddy to run with! This one is mine and I shouldn't call her my little buddy, she's definitely five inches taller than me. I actually prefer to call her my sole sister (get it?). Her name is Caitlyn and she's been… Continue reading Friends That Run Together Stay Together

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Don’t Fear the Training Plan!

The most confusing part of training for a half marathon for me was picking a training plan. I thought it was going to be as easy as googling "half marathon training plans" and I'd be out on the road running in no time. But to my dismay, there were a million plans that came up… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Training Plan!

Half Marathons

13.1 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Run a Half Marathon After Reading This

Deciding to register for a half marathon when you’ve never ran one before and your version of exercise is getting up to check if anything new has appeared in the fridge is understandably intimidating. But despite what the fear inside your head is telling you, running a half marathon is an achievable goal.  In case… Continue reading 13.1 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Run a Half Marathon After Reading This