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The Secret to Getting Started

When people think about running, or just exercising in general, they think there's some crazy and complicated formula behind getting started (myself included), mostly because they don't know how to begin. They don't want to start until they feel like they know what they're doing. More often than not, that's the reason why people quit before… Continue reading The Secret to Getting Started

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Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

This is a bold statement and I hope you're ready for it. I think I love my running shoes more than I love my ankle boots. How could I not? They're the key to successful training. They've put in countless miles with me and some of them have even crossed finish lines. They've carried me… Continue reading Running Shoes: Finding the Perfect Fit

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Don’t Fear the Training Plan!

The most confusing part of training for a half marathon for me was picking a training plan. I thought it was going to be as easy as googling "half marathon training plans" and I'd be out on the road running in no time. But to my dismay, there were a million plans that came up… Continue reading Don’t Fear the Training Plan!