Hey there! My name is Kerry and I’m a 24 year-old New Jersey native turned Floridian. I’m a recent graduate of William Paterson University, where I studied communications, public relations and social media.

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Writing and running are my two greatest passions (does wearing popflex count as a passion?), which is how The Running Writer came into existence. My childhood consisted solely of reading any book I could get my little hands on and making up my own stories. Running on the other hand, has not always been part of my story.

Growing up I was never athletically inclined. I had no interest in sports and the dreaded ‘last person picked in gym class’ nightmare was a lifestyle I didn’t willingly choose but unfortunately lived.

All of that still holds truth, unless there’s an Alabama football game involved. But even then I only jump on the bandwagon because I think shouting ‘roll tide’ is a ton of fun and it makes my sweet friend from Alabama happy!

unnamedRunning didn’t become something I imagined I could do until 2015 when I made the very out-of-character decision to train for my first marathon. At the time I was at a standstill with my education and my year-long Disney College Program had ended. Have you ever had a cuter boss than this guy?! The answer is no, you have not.

It felt like while all of my friends were moving forward to the next chapter of their lives, mine had hit the breaks and any sense of purpose I thought I had went flying out of the window. I needed to prove to myself that I could tackle something much bigger than me, something that I wouldn’t have thought I was capable of.

When I began training for my first half marathon, I knew absolutely nothing about running and had a million questions like:

  • What the heck is a training plan and what kind should I be following?
  •  I should probably be eating healthier, but what kinds of food should I be eating?
  • Are there special running shoes for this? Do they even make them in my abnormally small/large shoe size?

Fast forward two years and I have five half marathons medals hanging on my wall, I’m training for my sixth and have less than two months until I graduate college (an entirely different story I’ll tell you another time!). Let me tell you, training in college is harder than the half-marathon itself!

Being a runner has changed me physically, mentally and emotionally. The Running Writer’s purpose isn’t just to be a place where I can document my fitness and running journey. That’s one very sweaty section of this blog, but I hope to also be a resource where beginning runners can find all the answers to their questions and be inspired to tackle the incredibly awesome challenge that is a half marathon!

I want us to get to know each other better, so please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram! There’ll be fitness fun and sass, I promise.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love this – can’t wait to follow along! And learn some stuff too! I’ve always wanted to get into running so I think your blog will hopefully give me some motivation to actually DO IT this summer! 🙂


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